Welcome to my personal web. It is build on ASP.NET Core MVC framework. The website serves as my mean of sharing a bit of myself and things I do with the world. Website data is stored on MariaDB. Both the website and database run in Docker. For database management and interactions I used Entity Framework Core. Web's GitHub.

Make sure to checkout my projects, especially web app CL3C that, after registration, lets you insert your car and calculate its life cycle costs and compare them to others. For currency conversions I used and tweaked OpenExchangeRates library by Eric Liefaart and exchangeratesapi by Madis Väin. Big thanks to them! More details about the app can be found here.

Reporting security issues and bugs

Please keep in mind that this is my first bigger project in ASP.NET Core and is in early alpha version so bugs and security issues can be encountered. Please if you find any report them privately, via email, to the simonbrazda@seznam.cz.